All Facts About Silver Maine Coon Cat – Complete Info

Silver Maine Coon

Silver Maine Coon Size

Silver Maine Coons are the equal length as different Maine Coons. That is, plenty large than your regular cat.

Males are approximately 18 – 25 kilos and girls 10-17 kilos, on average. I’ve visible girls who can be large than males, so it is now no longer a difficult and rapid rule.

Because in their length, usually get a massive sufficient muddle container for them. I advise a chrome steel muddle container in case you need to shape the silver fur!

Silver Maine Coon’s length can also additionally appear particularly obvious due to the fact it’s far a lighter color and that lengthy hair coat simply appears to polish bright. I get it! See my complete submission on the scale of Maine Coons.

Silver Maine Coon Variations

Silver Maine Coons are available in a big range of silver variations, so there’s a cat simply proper for everyone.

The color of the silver can vary from blue silver to cream silver, or crimson silver and black silver. White fur may be visible combined into a number of those categories.

Whichever you make a decision or have already got to your house, those cats are the precise addition to your family.

Solid Silver Maine Coons

Look at that strong Maine Coon cat! The loss of stripes, styles, or patches with inside the fur truly intensifies how *ahem* strong and massive the cat is!

Silver Tabby Maine Coons

A silver tabby Maine Coon color also can be in special categories, relying on their pattern. According to the CFA Breed standards, those styles are conventional tabby, mackerel tabby, and ticked tabby.

The conventional silver tabby Maine Coon has the trademark “M” marking on its forehead, with different swirls at the head, frame, and limbs. There are extra swirls on their cheeks and patches on their shoulders. The impact is that the cat’s fur is “marbled” and spiral-looking.

These are display-cat great judging parameters, and in actual lifestyles, it could be difficult to inform the special tabby styles apart.

The silver mackerel tabby pattern’s call turns obvious whilst considered from the aspect. Parallel stripes run down the aspect of the cat to that remind you of a mackerel fish. As a kitten, those stripes may be extra striking, to present the impact of a “tiger-cat,” and this function can depart or live in adulthood.

The trademark “M” is usually present. A ticked tabby has ticked hairs, that is, every hair is marked with special sun sunglasses of colors. The frame does now no longer have markings, patches, or spots. Their face and legs can display a few signature tabby marks.

Smoke Silver Maine Coons

As I stated inside the intro, my Maine Coon is a smoke silver. She seems solidly silver-gray, however, her undercoat is plenty lighter. In particular, her underside and stomach are nearly white. The settlement is quite dramatic in case you ask me.

The undercoat color has come to be extra distinguished as she grows up

Shaded Silver Maine Coons

With a shaded silver Maine Coon, the fur colors: were silver from the lowest and some other sedation on the tips. Shaded silver cream and shaded silver purple are maximum common, even though this shade at variant is the type of uncommon altogether in Maine Coons.

Silver Maine Coon Kittens

Silver Maine Coon kittens have fur that doesn’t appear that silver while they’re little. The silver undercoat takes a piece of time to come to be greater apparent… however she goes, she goes!

Silver Maine Coon kittens get their caseation genes like this…

Male kittens get each gene from the mother, and could constantly be her sedation or “dilute” of it.

Female kittens get 1 gene from every figure and could constantly be an aggregate of each of the one’s colors or a “dilute” of it.

Patterns are inherited from both figures.

By the way, silver fur is a dilute of a black caseation gene! In cats, there are the best 2 number one colors, purple and black. Of course, sedation genetics is WAY greater complex, and for the ones of you inquisitive about that type of thing, there are Maine Coon caseation calculators out there. And immediately from the CFA Basic Feline Genetics.

Shaded Silver

The Shaded Silver may be taken into consideration as a darker model of the Silver Chinchilla.

The undercoat is white even as the tipping at the face, side, and tail is black. The chin, bib, belly, and tail have white markings.

Silver Patched Tabby and White

The Silver Patched Tabby and White has identical hues and markings because of the Silver Tabby and White. The key distinction is that the Silver Patched Tabby and White has patches of cream alongside the deep grey markings.

Chinchilla Silver

The glowing silver look of this color version may be attributed to the aggregate of a white undercoat and black markings at the cat’s head, back, side, and tail. In a few instances, the legs might also additionally have toppings even as the chest, stomach, chin, and ears are white.

Blue Silver Maine Coon

Blue silver Maine Coons are a relatively sought-after caseation, so need to be referred to here.

Black is one of the number one colors of Maine Coons, and if a dilute gene is present, the black becomes silver and blue. And as constantly, white is constantly viable on this sedation fur.

As against their stable blue friends, silver-blue Maine Coons may be determined with tabby, smoke, or shaded patterns.


Hope this helped you with your Maine Coon journey. Remember, each Maine Coon cat is beautiful! And in case you are lucky sufficient a good way to pick a caseation of the cat from a breeder, silver is a quality choice.

With a selection from darkish grey silver to mild silver-blue… and people patterns. A remarkable Maine Coon kitty is expecting you on this sedation.

For you who have been given a silver Maine Coon in your own home already, provide them with a hug and a few snacks, dang it.

Btw, in case you are searching right into a breeder, take a look at my how-to pick an awesome Maine Coon