Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Dogs? Complete Info

Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Dogs

One big question that I get queried all the time relates to whether Maine Coon kitties learn on smoothly with kitten, or not. So, are Maine Coon kitties valid with dogs? Keep reading to find out!

Introducing a new puppy dog or doggy into a house where a Maine Coon before resides, or vice versa will forever be a whim-whams-raging proficiency for an holder. Before you start fearing however, remember that your sensibilities are fully natural, since you purely want your favas to reside harmoniously, without any fights.

Yet, also you’ve presumably compartmented the question ‘are Maine Coon house cats good with dogs? ‘Into Google, constantly! Whilst no one can definitively answer this problem for you, If you’re anything like me.

Maine Coon house cats are known for existing a truly friendly, laid-back, and mellow cat strain. They aren’t aggressive, nor largely territorial in their nature, so acclimatize well to other creatures living in the same home. Their balmy nature, yet scornful behavior means that Maine Coons are sensible with both cubs and dogs. Maine Coons are the ‘doggy of the cat world’.

Are Maine Coons Good With Dogs?

Originating from Maine, the United States in the 1800s, the Maine Coon cat is known as the‘ dog of the cat public due to its truly dog-suchlike character traits, which make them immaculately beseemed to learning on with dogs.

 Then are a many cases why the Maine Coon cat is called dog-suchlike’

  • Love of water
  •  Large physical figure
  •  Adore mortal troop
  •  Extremely sociable
  •  Follow holder around their home
  •  Talk to their holders, via chirps and rattles
  • Largely trainable
  •  Maine Coons will come for a walk, on a leash!

In general, Maine Coon house cats are generally having of dogs after a menstruation of integration time. This is because the Maine Coon isn’t phased or spooked by blasting noisese.g. a dog barking. They’re also incredibly sociable, bland, and friendly entities that like to get on with everyone, first than fight.

The Maine Coon cats non-aggressive identity is also specifically major in terms of integration because they tend not to attack unknown house cats or dogs entering their home, unless the other animal attacks them, or is called to be a trouble.

 Also, the Maine Coon is called a veritably sportful cat strain that will continue to play like a cat until late in its life. This is helpful when acquainting a Maine Coon with a dog because the Maine Coon will be less phased by a low rough and stumble play from a puppy or doggy. They might indeed enjoy it, as it’s a great exercise for both creatures!

Eventually however, the integration process between a Maine Coon cat and dog will want to be addressed appositely by an holder, to insure the cat and dog do condition to the presence of each other under the equal roof.

In general, however, holders should anticipate advanced success rates when absorbing a puppy or doggy, with a Maine Coon cat, than any other cat class.

Can Cats And Dogs Live Together?

The shackle between an holder and their pet is comprehensively special, special and spellbound. It can be delicate to describe the relationship in words, even so, in common, it’s common to find that an holder’s life literally becomes entwined with that of their pets. In multiple cases, the holder loves their pet so hardly that they call their cat or dog as one of their own kiddies!

With similar strong natural cuffs, it’s not amazing that owners want to extend their folks further, by presenting a new cat or pup into their home. But, can house cats and doggies really live coincidentally, harmoniously?

The simple answer to this question is‘yes’, even so, the integration process must be managed actually exactly to insure that neither pet is put out by the intro of a new beast in the home.

No holder wants their pets to clash like house cats and dogs ( relatively literally!). Thus, if you’re keen to supersize your luck that your pets will learn on well, and reside harmoniously in the same home, make sure that you follow our step-by- step companion to presenting a Maine Coon cat to a dog, appositely.

Please remember that every script, pet, and family dynamic is different. There are likely to be slip-ups on the row, but the most significant thing is that the holder makes effects extremely creeping, remains harmonious, and noway gives up.

Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

Some dog types are naturally more suited to residing with house cats than others. Thus, before buying the first dog you fall in love with, make sure that you have delved the dog types natural disposition and selfhood. This is significant to guaranty that you’re taking a dog that’s more probable to pick up on with your Maine Coon cat.

Still, try not to horrify because every dog has a special character, and as long as they don’t have high raptorial ways, If you can not spot your favorite dog class on my list.

 finally, the parenting of any dog will also play a crucial part in moving your dog’s overall disposition and personality. Thus, a dog not clothed in the list might come just as good with your Maine Coon.

Dog Breeds That Don’t Like kitties

Still, no way just assume that all dog breeds will incontinently get on with your Maine Coon cat, If you’re supposing about buying a puppy or dog. Although Maine Coon house cats are known for being extremely sociable and good with other pets, this surely is n’t the case for every dog breed.

There will always be exceptions to the rule, still, it’s wise for holders to maximize their chances of integration success by avoiding certain dog breeds totally. I appreciate this is delicate for those individualities that hugely adore a certain dog strain, still, in situations like this, your Maine Coons good and happiness have to be your precedence.

Whilst some dog types are known for their kind, forbearing nature, others are more artificially wired to hunt quarry.

Dog types with a high raptorial instinct are doubtful to bond with a Maine Coon cat because they will be more interested in chasing it around your home. Understandably, your Maine Coon won’t find this pleasurable. Rather, they’re likely to come stressed-out, and suffer unwanted health issues as a result.

Dog Breeds To AvoidDescription
Siberian HuskiesHigh hunting instinct. Require high levels of
attention, so unlikely to get on with cat,
unless they grew up together
WhippetQuickest domesticated dog in their weight
class. Have an instinct for chasing small
animals like cats
Smooth Fox TerrierHigh prey drive not suited to living with
cats. Enjoy hunting prey and vermin
Manchester TerrierThis protective dog breed has been trained
to hunt rodents and critters. They may try
to hunt your Maine Coon
Standard SchnauzersHigh prey drive and fearless. Not suited to
living with a cat
Irish WolfhoundSighthounds used for hunting can only see
a cat as prey to be killed, rather than a
Afghan HoundNatural-born hunters, known for their
speed and strength. Like to chase cats
Bedlington TerrierThey might be small, fluffy, and cute, but
they are extremely fast, and ferocious.
Likely to attack your cat
SamoyedWorking dog with a high hunting instinct.
This dog breed is a gamble, they will
either loves your Maine Coon, or destroy it
Australian Cattle DogHigh energy dog breed, with high prey drive.
Only work in a household with cats, if they
were raised together

Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Does? YES!

As you know now, Maine Coon house cats are genuinely friendly, patient and tolerant. Utmost other cat classes would, indeed if they tolerate the dog to a given point, poke or suck the dog when they’re tired of the dog doing commodity that annoys them. Not a Maine Coon, however. Utmost Maine Coon house cats will simply go down rather of scraping the dog.

Actually, we’ve a house cat and a Maine Coon cat. The house cat is actually grumpy at times and she can be actually mean. Indeed though our regular house cat mouthfuls, scrapes and hisses at our Maine Coon cat, I’ve no way seen our Maine Coon cat being aggressive.

Our Maine Coon invariably stays calm and endures the mean bearing of our regular house cat until she calms down. No biting, no scratching, nothing. However, our Maine Coon simply walks down … truly though she’s a little bit sad also, If our house cat doesn’t settle down.

So as you know, Maine Coon house cats are known for existing good with other animals and my particular proficiency completely backs this up.

Why Keeping A Maine Coon And A Dog Is A Great Idea

I hold colorful pets for quite some time currently and the further exploration I do about any pet, the further I come to the conclusion that utmost pets purely shouldn’t be observed without other pets. I would indeed say that utmost of the times, keeping just one pet of a category should be interdicted.

How multiple people keep a single bird and no way get another catcall for them? A lot of those catcalls get serious cerebral problems. How multiple people keep a single cat truly though it’s recommended to keep two? House cats need another cat to be truly happy.  I ´d truly say that even dogs shouldn’t be observed without another dog. This, of course, depends on how big time you have for your dog.

I’m not knocking anybody who exactly did not know this and is planning to learn, for example, a alternate cat right now, but I really suppose this whole “ I just get one cat” thing is a serious trouble. It’s not good for a cat (nor for a raspberry, nor for a dog) to be alone too much without any company.

So indeed though dogs and house cats speak a unlike language, they can get on and learning a new friend for your canine or for your Maine Coon is a great idea and I want to cultivate you to do that. I mean, just seem at these two in the videotape below.

Is Your Dog Okay With Cats?

Even so, bringing that dog together with a cat could be a problem, If your dog or the dog you’re planning to get has a veritably rugged stalking instinct. Utmost dogs with a strong capture instinct simply cannot repel booting the cat.

It’s in their DNA and if you did n´t train your dog to repel, it’ll be veritably hard to observe the dog from doing that.

Indeed the nicest Maine Coon in the world will have enough after being chased by a dog for a couple of days. So you should really test if your dog is okay with house cats.


As you know all about Maine Coon cats and dogs so you should decide what you can do best for both. Maine Coons are good with doges because it is just better for them to have a partner. Even though cat and cat or dog and dog might be a better combination, dogs and cats can still be very good for each other.