European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon

European Maine Coon Vs American Maine Coon

If you want to breed Maine Coon Cat or adopt then 1st you compare the European Maine Coon vs. American Maine Coon before making the big decision.

As you know the Maine Coon cat have long hair, big size, long tail, shaggy coats and large size but there are some major difference between European and American Maine Coons.

As you know to American Maine Coons, the European Maine Coons are bred more frequently to the farthest to look a short nature or further natural, with captain-suchlike, chiseled muzzles, big cognizance, and pronounced lynx canted ears. Breeders combined with the CFA tend to breed “meliorated” Maine Coons, while the breeders combined to TICA breed wild- seeming Maine Coons.

During birth, some breeders concentrate on some critical rudiments of the cat’s deconstruction, including overall size, cognizance, and maw, which make these rudiments bold. This is what makes all the difference.

This article contain all information and everything you need to decide about the European Main Coons vs. American Maine Coons.

European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon

As you know that Maine Coon is a beautiful, large size and native to Maine US then What is a European Maine Coon? Do you know?

They both have same breeds however both are some physical changes. Basically, American Maine Coons are Maine Coon kitties bred in the international United States, while European Maine Coons are Maine Coon house cats bred in Europe, substantially in the UK and Russia.

Also, it’s worth observing that some American breeders in America strain European Maine Coons. Despite having some conspicuous differences, both the European and American Maine Coons retain all the average Maine Coon attributes.

Maine Coon Cats

Now here are some prominent Maine Coons attributes that both the European Maine Coon and American Maine Coon retain.

Large, Long, Shaggy Coat

Maine Coons, whether bred in America or Europe, are well known for their heavy, silky, and shaggy fleeces. The fur is generally longer on the stomach and britches and little on the shoulders. They also have a anterior trim.

They Are Large

Almost to “normal” kitties, the European and American Maine Coons are visually large.

Wedge- Shaped Heads

Comparing the European Maine Coon vs. American Maine Coon heads, both have medium-wide heads that are hardly longer in length than sweep. In addition, an interior view of their head should parade a slight dint. Even so, some corridor like the nib and ears are more different in European Maine Coons.

Long, Bushy Tails

All biggish norms for breeding Maine Coons (TICA, CFA, and FIFE) highlight that Maine Coons should have long, bushy tails, wide at base and tapering.

Short Legs And Large Paws

Another standard trait of Maine Coons held by both the European and American Maine Coons is physical, medium-long legs that are in proportion to the body.

The legs are straight, while the hinder legs are straight when viewed from before. In addition, they all have large, round, and well-tufted paws.

Large Eyes

Both European Maine Coons and American Maine Coons have large, suggestive eyes with an opened round shape. The eyes also tend to have the same colors. It’s clear that European Maine Coon aren’t a separate strain because they retain standard Maine Coon attributes. All by each, they’re physically different from the American Maine Coons.

European Maine Coons

About to American Maine Coons, European Maine Coons are distinguishable with the following attributes.

  • They’ve stronger and squarer muzzles and chins.
  • They’ve hand lynx-suchlike cognizance – high ears with bigger observance tufts.
  • They tend to have advanced cheekbones.

They’re bred to have a more feral or wild appearance, while their American relatives have a softer, more refined look. It isn’t uncommon for the European Maine Coons to have piercing, almond- shaped eyes, while utmost American Maine Coons have slightly oblique-structured eyes.

Considering the physical differences between European Maine Coons and American Maine Coon, it makes perfect sense to say that breeders combined with CFA strain Maine Coons with a more refined look while breeders combined to the TICA and FIFE strain Maine Coons with a more feral or wild experience. The Cat Suckers Association (CFA) is a breed standard that governs multiple American breeders,

While The International Cat Association (TICA) is a genre standard that guides utmost breeders in Europe. The TICA breed standard applies internationally. That’s why some American breeders can breed European Maine Coons without any significant hassle.

Origins of European Maine Coons

Maine Coons are considered native to Maine, US because they’ve been in America since social days, and maybe longer.

Still, how they came to Maine in the first place and where their forebears came from remains steeped in riddle. In this regard, there are multiple legends about the origin of this strain, with some being more admissible than others.

One legendry myth alleges that Maine Coons are a raccoon/ domestic cat mongrel. While Raccoons and Maine Coons have some parallels in appearance, it’s genetically insolvable for such a union to live. Another legend claims that Maine Coons are descendants of Bobcats, which is also disregarded because it’s genetically insolvable.

The last yarn, which numerous believe, alleges that Maine Coons descended from Viking boat house cats. It’s a tale of a ocean captain named Charles Coon, who brought his long-haired cat on his excursions.

As the story goes, Coon’s long-haired cat bred with a original feral cat, and when the cats started showing up in litters, they were named Coon’s house cats because they recalled the captain’s cat. Mariners who used house cats to keep check of mice populations on sailing vessels presumably brought some long-haired kitties with them to America’s northeastern seacoast. As it’s said, Maine Coons developed into large, rugged house cats through natural selection.

No matter the strain’s origin, Maine Coons were popular entrants in cat shows and exhibits in the late 1800s to early 1900s, when further fantastic breeds started appearing in the country.

Although the strain was declared defunct in the 1950s, it has recaptured its former glory, and now Maine Coons are the alternate most popular house cats.

European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon Size

All by each, the size of European Maine Coons isn’t significantly different from that of American Maine Coons. As similar, the weight, height, and length ranges work for both. Talking of weight, Maine Coons generally weigh anywhere between 8 and 25 lbs.

Male Maine Coons tend to be larger, weighing between 15 and 25 lbs, while female Maine Coons averagely weigh between 8 and 12 lbs. On normal, length-wise, Maine Coons range from 19 to 40 inches long. In terms of height, Male Maine Coons can grow between 10-14 inches high. On the other hand, ladies tend to be lower, ranging from 8 to 14 inches.

Habit And Shape

Both the European and American Maine Coons have well- balanced blockish- shaped, muscled, and broad-structured bodies.

In addition, all body belt of birth Maine Coons are in proportion, giving these dear kitties a affable, well-balanced appearance. Purebred Maine Coons have wedge- shaped heads with a visibly square nib. even so, it’s worth noting that European Maine Coons tend to have stronger muzzles and chins.

Generally, Maine Coons have a medium-long nose with a gentle, hollow curve and no break or bump. The maw should be commensurate to the head and in line with the nose and upper lip. Still, it’s important to note that the European Maine Coons have larger and high cognizance with bigger lynx-suchlike heaps compared to American Maine Coons, If you’re a first- time holder.

Either, the European Maine Coons’ tails are fairly redundant long but bushy, just like those of the American relatives.

Talking about legs, purebred Maine Coons have substantial legs of medium length. When compared with “normal” house cats, Maine Coons also have large, rounded paws with heaps.


Maine Coons are well- known for their long, furry, and shaggy furs that keep them warm, indeed in frigid climates.

Their fur is uneven and two- concentrated, which helps them survive harsh layoffs. Indeed more, the fur is water-resistant, which allows them to play or swim in the water. Generally, the Maine Coon’s fur grows little on the shoulder and lengthy on the stomach and britches. It gets extremely long around the neck, giving them and look of a Mane.


Maine Coons, whether European or American, come in greatly varied colors and patterns. This means there’s a Maine Coon cat just right for everyone. You can discover a Maine Coon that’s solid white, cream, black, red, or blue. These cherished family kitten also come in kitten bi-color, part- color, calico, tones, and tortoiseshell.

Growth Rate

Despite being bred to have slightly varied fairness, the European Maine Coon and the American Main Coon are more or less the same because they’re the same strain. In terms of growth rate, they take vastly longer to grow full. In this regard, a thoroughbred Maine Coon doesn’t reach maturity until it’s 3 to 4 years old.

European Maine Coon Vs. American Maine Coon Personality

Both the European and American Maine Coons are known for being incredibly bright, delightful-loving, curious, and pious. Still, the good news is they’re more or less the same and have an ever-loving personality.

If you’re upset whether European Maine Coon grain and personality differs from that of American Maine Coons.


Maine Coons are largely sociable beasties and no wince out from humans. They bond with their holders and love to be around them. The male Maine Coon is actually social and sociable to the extent that it can bond with outsiders.

Loyalty/ Companionship

Maine Coons are extremely true kitties. Once they bond with the holders, they aren’t likely to leave for another family. In exchange for the love they get from their owners, they return piety.


Don’t let their big size fool you – Maine Coons have a sweet and gentle disposition and slightly use their claws. They’ve been nicknamed “gentle titans” to reflect their personalities.


Maine Coon is an flush cat strain, and it turns out that they’re playful. They’re truly curious and curious in nature, so they will find ways to regale themselves when their holders aren’t around to play with them.

Hunting Skills

Although they aren’t territorial, Maine Coons are also known for their emotional hunting chops. They’re well- known for being excellent mousers. They’re excellent rovers, and when taken outside, they will love climbing trees indeed when chasing prey.


Both the European Maine Coon and American Maine Coon are honored as being incredibly intelligent. Their intelligent and precious nature makes them ideal pets. big like dogs, Maine Coons are far more intelligent than‘ normal kitties and can be trained to do effects. For case, they can be trained to play cost!


Generally, Maine Coons aren’t territorial. Still, like utmost other pets, they want a place they can call their own. Overall, Maine Coons have a winning identity that makes them great family pets. They’re safe around chicks and are not worried by loud, busy family life.


Comparing European Maine Coon vs. American Maine Coon song, the two are more or less the same. Generally, these house cats are veritably oral and love to talk to their natural companions. They’re well known for their chirps and rattles, which are sounds they make when they’re feeling content and happy.

Since Maine Coons typically do not meow, a meow from your Maine Coon can frequently mean the cat craves your attention. Alternately, perhaps reality is wrong with them?


A Maine Coon remains a Maine Coon, whether bred in the international United States, Europe, or Russia. As similar, European Maine Coons and American Maine Coons are prone to the same health problems.

Then are the colorful heritable health cases a Maine Coon Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) This is the most common form of heart complaint in kitties and is characterized by the thickening of the heart muscle, which can potentially lead to breathlessness and languor.

Hipsterism Dysplasia Maine Coons can potentially have this experimental disfigurement of the hipsterismsocket.However, it can effect severe lameness, If the condition is extreme.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) This is another heritable health issue that can be a serious concern in Maine Coons. It’s characterized by the death of spinal cord neurons that spark cadaverous muscles of the trunk and branches. Although it’s effortless, it leads to muscle weakness and degeneration.

Exercise Conditions

Maine Coons are energetic cats. Considering that they’re also prone to getting fat, it’s important to insure that your cat gets plenitude of internal stimulation and physical exertion to help them maintain healthy body weight.

Both the European and American Maine Coons generally need about 30 minutes of exercise daily to stay happy and healthy. They’re also excellent climbers and can comfortably stay outside. This is a veritably emotive subject though.

Oddly enough, Maine Coons can be leashed and walked like tykes. Still, make sure to buy an extra-large cat tree (like these), or scratching post and give the nimble with plenitude of cat toys to help her work out the energy, If your Maine Coon only stays outdoors.


Maine Coons aren’t the cheapest kitties you can buy. On average, a thoroughbred Maine Coon will cost roughly$. Still, unlike American Maine Coons, the European Maine Coons feel to get further attention from their breeders to insure that the cats meet the reservations of the breed standard. It should thus be no surprise that the European Maine Coon price tends to be advanced than that of American Maine Coons.

When buying from estimable American breeders, you can anticipate to pay advanced because the house cats are imported. All by each, whether you’re buying a European Maine Coon or an American Maine Coon, the price ranges between$ 800 and above of$, depending on the breeder, position, and other factors


Maine Coons are considered a hearty and healthy breed. These house cats have an average lifetime of 10 to 15 years.

European Maine Coon Breeder Near Me

Buying a Maine Coon is a big commitment. Considering that European Maine Coons tend to be costly, you’ll want to make certain that you’re only buying from a estimable breeder.

Now are some of the breeders you can consider

  • European Maine Coon Cattery
  • Mountain Fork Maine Coons
  • Dynasty Maine Coons

Are Maine Coons Affectionate?

Maine Coon are known for being tender, and utmost of them love to snuggle. They bond with their humans and appreciate the love they get.


When comparing the European Maine Coon vs. American Maine Coon cat, it can be hard to notice their differences until you start observing the finer details of this magnify cat strain. Hopeful, after reading this post, you’ll have gotten a lesser sapience into how European Maine Coons differ from their American relatives. Most importantly, they’re the same breed, despite having different beauty.