Maine Coon Scottish Fold Mix Complete Guide

Maine Coon and Scottish Fold cats are highly adorable because of the various traits each cat type exhibits. Maine Coon Cats Scottish Fold Mix both have different but important characteristics. These characteristics make them ideal for being an excellent house pet cat.

When you think about Maine Coon Scottish fold mix you must compare both cat breeds because both have important characteristic but most of time Scottish Fold wins this comparison. The Scottish Fold cat is superior cat due to its personality, love, lesser shedding, cute appearance and playfulness.

maine coon scottish fold mix

Maine Coon also have these characteristic and have famous with their long hair, loving personality, beautiful appearance.

Maine Coon History vs Scottish Fold History

Maine Coon History

There is tons of folklore round the Maine Coon Cat Origin. There are some theories that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France’s, cats were ready to escape France and land in Maine, USA where they eventually were bred into the Maine Coon. It may be a lost theorized that the Maine Coon is a crossbreed with a raccoon, which is certainly not true.

The consensus among breeders is that the Maine Coon may be a product of breeding shorthaired domestic cats in North America with longhaired cats from overseas. We do know that the Maine Coon starts getting mentioned historically in documentation within the 1860s.

Scottish Fold Cat History

Scottish Fold cat breed come from a Scotland. A cat her name was Susie called barn cat, who was discovered near Coupar Angus in Perthshire, Scotland in 1961.

At that moment people were noticed that Susie had folds in her ears and when she had kittens, they also had the folds. After that this breed was registered with the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) in 1966.

A breeding program ensued and of the kittens that were produced, an outsized portion of them had the trademark folded ears. A number of them had straight ears though. The Scottish Fold wasn’t initially accepted as a show breed thanks to limb deformities and ear problems. The Scottish Fold wasn’t long after migrated.

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Are Maine Coons Intelligent?

Maine Coons are dubbed as “dog-like.” These cats are brilliant and very trainable. You’ll be ready to enjoy many hours of fun with this cat.

They will sometimes seem intrusive, as they need to be a lively a part of the family. Maine Coon cats are often leash-trained if you would like to travel on neighborhood walks together with your Maine Coon.

Which will sound a touch strange, but it happens quite you’d think. You’ll need a cat harness that matches your Maine Coon cat.

Are Scottish Folds Intelligent?

Scottish Folds are brilliant cats. These cats do have high intelligence, but they will be challenging to coach.

These cats are more affection oriented, which suggests that they’re hard to show to be alone. If you are doing leave them alone, they’re going to want hours of attention once you return. However, these cats are often adaptable if you would like to go away them alone within the house.

Maine Coons and Scottish Fold Personality

Both cats have their different and wonderful personality.

Maine Coon Personality

The massive Maine Coons appearance is like that of a King or Queen, this breed features a pleasant personality and delicate nature.

This cat breed is quite smart, highly trainable, and need to be around their humans all the time. Not during a clingy way, they are doing have their own minds, but they love being around their people. Maine Coons are playful and energetic, but at an equivalent time, they love cuddling abreast of your lap after they’ve had their exercise.

Almost all Maine Coons are known to like water so don’t be surprised if they need to leap into the shower with you. This breed can be around children, dogs, or other felines. The Maine Coon likes to “speak.” they create all types of talking sounds which may be very funny also as entertaining.

These cats are generally very adaptable. If you want to adobe a cant and can handle a large cat that will want affection, this is the right cat. If you would like an honest mouser, you’ll get that with a Maine Coon as they need natural hunting instincts.

Scottish Fold Personality

Scottish Fold cats love citizenry. They like to express how they feel, and that they are often quite active. Your Scottish Fold cat will like to play and have company. These cats don’t had best when left alone for long periods.

If you’ll continue with their need for affection and provides them the eye they love, then this cat could also be the proper one. If you are doing get another cat, i like to recommend a Domestic Shorthair cat like my feline, Charlotte.

There are nearly always many Domestic Shorthair cats ready for adoption and that they make sweet pets. I’m extremely proud of my Domestic Shorthair cat.

Maine Coon vs. Scottish Fold Appearance

Maine Coon Appearance

Both cat have amazing appearance that make Maine Coon and Scottish Fold difference. Maine Coon have long hair and have too much weight approximately 8 to 20 pounds some of them can be large.

Maine coons are big rugged cats with their lovely shaggy hair. This cat breed have large ears and tufted with a broad base and a narrow top. Maine Coons have found in different colors, expressive eyes and are green, gold, greenish-gold, or copper in color.

Maine Coon fur colors can vary significantly. This breed fur can often be seen in a tabby variety, but they can also show a solid color of blue, white, black, red, and cream. It’s very truly interesting how many colors and combinations a Maine Coon can come in.

maine coon vs scottish fold mix

Scottish Fold Appearance

Scottish Fold cat breeds have their own characteristic that makes them stand out among all other cat breeds. Fold cat ears fold over on these cats, which is what gives them their names. This cat breed have medium-sized cat that has a compact build. But have weigh between 6 and 13 pounds.

Scottish fold cats have short-haired and a dense fur coat with a soft texture. But long-hair Folds may have a tail plume, toe tufts (fur clump that sticks out on the paws), and a ruff (resembles a mane around the neck, people often compare it to a lion’s mane).

Scottish Fold cats Fur

Scottish Folds have not require too much special grooming. You should brushed your cat at least once per week. I would suggest to start young since it will get your cat used to the process. 

Maine Coon cats Fur

Maine Coon cats have much taking care of groom. As you know this cat breed have long hair that can become matted very quickly, and you should probably groom them daily.

You will really need to groom them a couple times in a week if you can’t do so.  Sometimes, these can’t enjoy being groomed. But sometime, if you start young then they will learn to enjoy it. You should use a soft bristle brush that will gently massage as you brush.

Be consistent, this activity should perform daily and to avoid matting of the fur. Sometimes the fur in the paws can become long and sometime in troublesome.  You must want to see a cat groomer to trim down the Maine Coon’s fur.

Only bathing that can help to cut down on the shedding fur.  Very careful about using shampoo too much though since it can wash away a lot of this cat’s natural oils.  It truly speaking, this cat breed loves water though.

Maine Coon vs. Scottish Fold Health Problems

All breeds of cats have health issues which will arise at any time. The Scottish Fold and therefore the Maine Coon are not any exception.

Maine Coon Health Issues

Maine Coon cats are known to be susceptible to the subsequent health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia is common in Maine Coons. This is often an abnormality of the hip which will cause crippling, lameness, and high arthritis. In a different cases, cat can become lame.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which may be a heart disease, is an inherited illness in Maine Coons. It appears you’ll check for it in your cat through a DNA test.
  • Polycystic renal disorder may be a progressive disease which will cause kidney failure. The disease causes multiple cysts to make within the kidneys. This is often a disease that starts off small then gets much worse over time.
  • Spinal muscular atrophy is another issue that’s genetic and may be tested through a DNA test. this is often believed to be genetically inherited and causes the loss of medulla spinal is neurons which affects skeletal muscles of the Maine Coon cat’s trunk and limbs.

Scottish Fold Health Issues

Scottish Fold cats are known to be susceptible to the subsequent health issues:

  • Degenerative joint disease is common during this cat breed, especially within the tail and ankles. Handle your cat gently. You’ll want to form sure you’ve got your Scottish Fold regularly checked by your local veterinarian. It’s possible for feline degenerative joint disease to affect your Scottish Fold at an early age.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy may be a heart condition that affects this cat also . There seem to be some open questions still on whether this is often hereditary for Scottish Fold cats. This health issue affects how your Scottish Fold is in a position to pump blood to her heart.
  • Ear problems also are common during this cat due to the folds. You’ve got to form sure they get cleaned properly which insects, like ear mites, don’t nest within the folds. You’ll want to stay an honest eye on how your Scottish Fold is handling her ears. If she seems bothered by them, it’s probably an honest idea to require her to the veterinarian.

Are Scottish Fold Cats Hypoallergenic?

No, Scottish Fold cats are long and short long hair but not hypoallergenic therefor if you have cat allergies do not expect that this cat breed will not affect your allergies.

Do Scottish Fold Cats Shed?

Yes, Scottish Fold cats have shed. typically, Scottish Fold cats have short hair, its also dense and thick though this breed does shed only moderately, if you get in contact with their fur during snuggles then your reaction will be thick.

Are Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic?

No, Maine Coon cats are not hypoallergenic.  Maine Coon have long-haired cats such as the Persian, British Longhair, and Norwegian Forest Cats are the types of cats you want to avoid when you have fur allergies. The Maine Coon is no exception.

Do Maine Coons Shed?

Yes, The Maine Coon cat has long fur, and it sheds drastically. That would help if you were diligent in taking care of the fur of your Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Lifespan vs. Scottish Fold Lifespan

The common lifespan of a Maine Coon is between 12 to fifteen years. If you’re taking excellent care of them, you ought to be ready to hit that prime mark of 15 years. Scottish Fold cats have almost lifespan of is 14 to 16 years.

There are some stories about Scottish Fold’s living longer than this, but generally, this is often the expected lifespan. it’s important that cat owners show their cats plenty of affection

As you know both cats have their unique personality and are best as indoor cats. They’re going to be safer within the house than outdoors. while, cats discovering new things and exploring. There are dangers outside though. Traffic, dogs, or sometimes strangers, are often a threat.

If you would like to require your cat outside safely and under your supervision, you’ll use a cat backpack, a cat stroller, cat harness, or cat leash to require the one that you love cat out and allow them to explore and be curious while you’re there with them.

Maine Coon Adoption vs. Scottish Fold Cat Adoption

Maine Coon Adoption

Adopting a Maine Coon kitten or cat may be a good way to offer a cat a loving home. Maine Coon Adoptions appears to be an excellent organization that has Maine Coon kittens and Maine Coon cats for adoption.

Maine Coon Adoptions is found round the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. They only adopt to people that sleep in California, USA. Maine Coon Adoptions usually has Maine Coon cats that aren’t pedigreed.

These cats still need a loving home though. Maine Coon feline adoptions costs:

Purebred Maine Coon Cat Cost: $225

Maine Coon Kitten Cost: $160

Healthy Maine Coon Cat Cost (Age 1 – 8): $135

Special-Needs or Mature (8+ years old) Maine Coon Cats: $110

Maine Coon Rescue may be a nationwide Maine Coon adoption network dedicated to placing Maine Coon cats and Maine Coon kittens in good homes.

A fast check out their available Maine Coon cats demonstrated that they probably cannot guarantee the cats’ parentage that they need available for adoption. These cats clearly still need loving places to measure though.

Maine Coon Rescue is in a position to work through a mixture of donations, adoption fees and fundraising events.

Scottish Fold Cat Adoption

Adopting a Scottish Fold kitten or Scottish Fold cat may be a good way to offer a Scottish Fold cat a loving home. I think the Scottish Fold cats Rescue, which appears to be devoted specifically towards the adoption of Scottish Fold cats in need.

Scottish Fold Rescue is incorporated in Florida, USA and even features a board of directors. This organization arranges for fostering, medical aid and other essentials for Scottish Folds cats in need until a permanent residence are often found for them.  Scottish Fold Rescue also educates the general public around responsible pet ownership.

For More they operate from donations. The funds put up through volunteers. Scottish Fold Rescue also features a Scottish Fold Rescue & Adoption Network, which may be a network of volunteers who have the common goal of facilitating the rescue and re-homing of Scottish Fold cats in need.

Maine Coon Meow vs Scottish Fold Cat Meow

Maine Coon Meow

Maine Coon cats are known to be vocal. This suggests you ought to not be surprised if you hear your Maine Coon kitten chatting with you in several alternative ways. This might include alternative ways of talking like meows, yowling, trilling, chirping, etc. Below may be a video of some Maine Coon noises (mostly meowing) for treats.

Scottish Fold Cat Meow

As you know Scottish Fold cats are mostly well-known to be vocal cats with soft voices. This suggests you would possibly think you hear a meow then you look and behold, a Scottish Fold really is meowing just very softly! Here may be a video of a Scottish Fold being vocal.


Both the Maine Coon and therefore the Scottish Fold cat are special cats with unique cat origins. If you’re lucky enough to possess either one among these cats, i feel you’ll be quite happy. Personally, after conducting the analysis during this article,

The Maine Coon cat defeats while Scottish Fold cat narrowly win. You’ll got to judge for yourself though! If you’re thinking of buying a Maine Coon or a Scottish Fold kitten, it makes tons of sense for you to try to further research on breeders and make sure that you get the cat you would like.