Ragamuffin Vs Maine Coon – What’s Different

Ragamuffin Vs Maine Coon. Comparative to Ragamuffins, Maine Coons are visually high and larger, with grown-ups importing up to 25 lbs, unlike Ragamuffins, which are cobbler and weigh up to 20 lbs. Maine Coons also have superb stalking capabilities and can comfortably live indoors or outside as opposed to Ragamuffins suited to inner living. They also have a ruffle around the neck, which is absent in Ragamuffins.

This can be tricky since both types are large kitties and partake in multiple parallels when it comes to family-friendly personalities. There are many crucial differences to take into consideration, however, as my composition will show.

Ragamuffin vs Maine Coon

Whilst both Ragamuffins and Maine Coons make great family kittens with their winning personalities, understanding further about their parallels and differences can help you make an informed decision.

This instructional post will give you in-depth sapience into the parallels and differences between the Ragamuffin vs Maine Coon.

Ragamuffin and Maine Coon Similarities

  • They’re both prone to specific health issues: Ragamuffins are prone to health problems like heart complaints, upper respiratory tract diseases, order complaints, cystitis, and contagious conditions. Meanwhile, Maine Coons are prone to hipsterism dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – the ultimate being a common heart complaint among pussycats.
  • Ragamuffins are nearly related to Ragdolls and both come limp like soft toys when you pick them up. These kitties like to coil up on their favorite humans and enjoy being snuggled. Since they love mortal attention, they could come depressed if they’re left alone for long ages. They’re easy to watch for and only need to be prepped every many days.
  • These cats weren’t firstly called Ragamuffins. They were first meant to be called “ Liebling”, the German word for squeeze or darling. The name Ragamuffin was named to produce a link with the foundation strain, which is the Ragdoll.
  • Maine Coons, on the other hand, are oral kitties known for their chirps and rattles. They can be walked on a leash and can be sportful at times. They also love water and will willingly swim in the hogshead or play with sopping water from the valve.
  • They’re both in personality and disposition: Ragamuffins have a sweet and gentle disposition. They’re indeed tempered and get on well with family members. They’re ideal companions and pious to their humans.
  • These tender kitties are also adaptable to their terrain. Maine Coons are also gentle and tender, with a relaxed and calm address. These gentle titans are sociable and adaptable to their terrain. They’re also veritably smart and can fluently be trained.

Ragamuffin Vs. Maine Coon

Ragdoll Vs Maine Coon Reddit kitties are both well-established and the most popular cat types in the world.

Maine Coons are birth kitties and ragamuffin kitties are an offshoot of the most popular Ragdoll strain. Some people say that Ragamuffin kitties began from road kitties. Both of these types have the following attributes, which makes them excellent family kittens.

  • Calm Address
  • Gentle
  • Relaxed
  • Affectionate

Considering that multiple beast suckers confuse the two types for each other, agitating the types in detail could help first-time holders pick the strain that suits them stylishly.

Maine Coons are arguably the largest tamed cat strain and are popular for being gentle titans. They’re muscular with a blockish-shaped body, thick legs, broad casket, and bushy, raccoon-suchlike tail. Multiple people like Maine Coon kitties because of their luscious, long, shaggy fur that gives them a wild look. They come in an inviting multitude of patterns and colors.

Then a list of the 75 Maine Coon colorings you can pick from. Maine Coon cats have blue eyes, but the eyes will gradationally change as saturation settles in their iris. Adult Maine Coons can fluently be linked with their slightly oblique eyes with green, bobby, or gold colors. They also have a trim evocative of the captain’s mane around their neck.

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix

In comparison, Ragamuffins are vastly large pussycats known for their sweet natures because of their walnut-shaped eyes. They’re stage kitties, so they love to be held and snuggled. Numerous people love them because of their friendly personalities and strong desire to bond with their humans.

As for shape, Ragamuffins are muscular with a broad casket and heavyset legs – they’re further cobby than Maine Coons – which gives them a less slender look. While multiple people confuse the Ragamuffin for a Ragdoll, it isn’t uncommon for beast suckers to fluently mistake a Ragamuffin for Maine Coon, or vice versa.

Still, you could fluently tell the difference between a Maine Coon and Ragamuffin by looking at their physical attributes, If you’re trying to separate the types. Cadaverous Structure

  • Eye Color
  • Shape
  • Physical Appearance
  • Fur Length

Origins Of Both Cat

Just as important as understanding how Maine Coons differ physically from Ragamuffin cats, so is understanding their origin. As for Maine Coon cats, despite their ever-adding fissionability and the great love they get from their humans, their origin is cloaked in a bit of riddle.

To this day, the verity behind how Maine Coon pussycats came to appear in Maine, United States, remains steeped in a riddle. The Maine Coons mysterious roots don’t hold their fissionability back.

While there are multiple legends girding the origin of Maine Coons, the myth that holds water is the claim that Maine Coons were brought into America via vessels, where they were used to keep the boat mouse population at bay.

Far from these myth myths, Maine Coons started rising into fissionability in the 1950s. Still, read my composition ‘Where Do Maine Coon kitties Appear‘If you wish to learn further data and myth myths around the origins of the fabulous Maine Coon cat.

On the other hand, the Ragamuffin cats are an offshoot of the Ragdoll kitties, which began in California in the 1960s. So, how did they come into actuality?. Firstly, the parentage of Ragdolls was rigorously controlled by the strain’s author, Ann Baker, who latterly established her own registry, the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA), shirking all traditional parentage associations.

Latterly in the times, a group of breeders wanted to introduce new colors and patterns, while another camp of breeders allowed it was important to widen the strain’s gene pool.

As a result, the new group created its own strain, the Ragamuffins, by outcrossing Himalayans, Persians, and other long-haired domestic kitties. The Ragamuffin was established as a separate cat strain in 1994. They’ve friendly personalities and distinctive thick, rabbit-suchlike fur.

Maine Coon Vs Ragamuffin Figure and Shape

Everything about the Ragamuffin and Maine Coon cat gives a feeling of substance. First out, they’re each large kitties with blockish-shaped, muscled bodies and broad cases. Their body corridor is also in proportion.

  • Neck: Both the Maine Coon and Ragamuffin cat types have short, heavy, and strong necks with luscious fringes around them.
  • Chin: Maine Coons have a square-like, large nib evocative of that of a captain. In comparison, Ragamuffin cats have a broad round head with a short nib having fluffy whisker pads.
  • Nose: A purebred Maine Coon has a medium-long, gently- curving nose, whereas Ragamuffin cats have a short nose.
  • Head Shape: In terms of head shape, both the Ragamuffins and Maine Coon cats have wedge-shaped heads with pointed cognizance and round eyes. Maine Coons tend to have high cheekbones relative to Ragdoll cats which have tubby cheeks.
  • Tail: Relative to Maine Coons with long, bushy, raccoon-suchlike tails, Ragamuffin cats have long, ethereal tails. There’s further to a Maine Coon cat’s tail than you might suppose, click then to see why.
  • Cognizance: Just like Maine Coons have large, triangular, pointed, and well-tufted cognizance, Ragamuffin cats have small, triangular pointed cognizance furnished with hills of fur. The cognizance is in proportion to the rest of their bodies.
  • Legs And Paws: Maine Coon cats have noticeably larger paws than Ragamuffins. Still, first-time holders should guard that utmost kitty in the Ragamuffin family who has white paws and heavyset legs. Coon Ragdoll Maine has strong, thick legs.

Ragdoll Cat Vs Maine Coon Size And Coloring

There’s little to no difference between the Ragdoll and Ragamuffin cat types, despite them being separate types. In this regard, the difference between Ragamuffin vs Maine Coon is more or less the same as between Ragdoll vs Maine Coon. Thus, it makes perfect sense to compare the Ragdoll Cat vs. Maine Coon size.

  • Length: As for length, Maine Coons generally range between 19 and 40 elevations, compared to Ragdolls ranging between 17 and 21 elevations long.
  • Weight: If we compare the Maine Coon vs. Ragdoll weight, it’s incontinently clear that Maine Coons tend to be slightly heavier
  • Ladies Maine Coons weigh between 8 and 12 lbs
  • Manly Maine Coons weigh between 15 and 25 lbs
  • Manly Ragdolls weigh anywhere between 15 and 20 lbs
  • Womanish Ragdolls weigh between 8 and 15 lbs on average
  • Height: In terms of height, Maine Coon kitties tend to be high, ranging from 8 to 16 elevation altitudinous, while Ragdoll kitties are around 9 to 11 elevation altitudinous.
  • Features: Both the Ragdoll and Maine Coons have noticeably large features to match their large proportions, and all bloodlines cats will appear commensurable with no more prominent features

Maine Coon Vs Ragamuffin Coloring

You can tell the difference between Ragamuffin and Maine Coons by looking at the color of their fleece. To start with, Ragamuffin cats are born white and develop color patterns as they develop.

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon

As similar, their fleece colors and patterns can vary greatly, including solid, cat, tortoiseshell, piebald, bi-, and tri-colors.

That said, you can find a Ragamuffin cat that is

  • White
  • Black/ Ebony
  • Blue/ Gray
  • Red/ Orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Fawn
  • Lilac
  • Lavender/ Tableware
  • Chocolate/ Brown/ Sable

Bi-color Ragamuffins generally have a reversed V on their forepart, white tummies, and white legs, whereas mitted Ragamuffins have points with white bases and chin. In comparison, Maine Coons can appear in nearly every color and pattern combination imaginable.

They come in a wide variety of patterns, including

The most popular colorings are blue, red, creams, solid white, and black. All by each, kitten Maine Coons are the most generally available. Have you ever seen the truly mesmerizing blue Maine Coon cat?

Maine Coon Vs Ragamuffin Growth Rate

Despite being large cat types, both the Ragamuffins and Maine Coons are known to grow veritably sluggishly.

Both cat types take up to 4 times to reach full size, but Maine Coons may take longer. This means you might have a fairly small cat indeed when it’s over a time old.

Especially, their slow growth rate doesn’t mean they will appear lower. These types, especially the Maine Coon, remain visually larger than other types throughout their continuance.

Ragamuffin Vs Maine Coon Personality And Fur

Both the Ragamuffin and Maine Coon cat types are known to have winning personalities.

They’re described as

  • Friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Gentle
  • Affectionate

They’re ideal companions and pious to their humans. You’ll also find that they enjoy playing with their holders. Still, Maine Coons tend to be more sportful than Ragamuffins. Both cat types are tender with a sweet and gentle disposition, largely sociable, and cohabitate peacefully.

As for stalking chops, Maine Coons have excellent stalking capabilities, while Ragamuffins, just like their kinsman Ragdolls, are lazy; thus, not considered good nimrods. Unlike Ragamuffins, Maine Coons also like to have a space that they feel as though it’s their own.

Maine Coon Vs Ragamuffin Fur

Maine Coon kitties are well known for their luscious, long fur that’s generally uneven across their bodies and gives them a wild look.

Purebred Maine Coons will have uneven two-layered fleeces with the fleeces draping longer on their stomach and britches (behind the legs), but shorter over the shoulders.

An intriguing specific of the Maine Coon’s fur is that it’s semi-water-resistant, meaning they’re well dressed for Winter.

The semi-water-resistant fur not only enables Maine Coon kitties to repel harsh, frigid climates but also to swim painlessly through the water. Indeed, kitties of this strain are said to be obsessed with water.

Still, take a look at the surprising reason behind why Maine Coons are obsessed with water, If you do not believe me. Unlike multiple other cat types with long fur, the Maine Coon’s fur is silky and does not mat fluently (if brushed regularly). Their vastly longer fur around their necks also sets them piecemeal from the Ragamuffin as it makes them look like little Napoleons.

On the other side, Ragamuffin cats have medium-long, silky fur. Generally, the fur is rabbit-soft and fairly light, which gives them a decadent, blown-out look and feel. Relative to Maine Coon’s fur, the Ragamuffins fur seems remarkably resistant to matting and tangling, so you would not have to brush your spry daily.

Ragamuffin Vs Maine Coon Health Problems

cat jealousy and possessiveness

Ragamuffin Vs Ragdoll Reddit are generally healthy types that can live for a long time. Still, they tend to have common heritable health problems, which can be a serious concern. Both of these cat types can be fitted to

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) This is a common heart complaint in cats that can truncate the cat’s lifetime.
  • Polycystic Order Complaint (PKD) This is a heritable condition known to beget renal failure.

Ragamuffins are also susceptible to

  • Cystitis
  • Infectious Conditions
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Disorder
  • By comparison, Maine Coons can also suffer from
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Hipsterism Dysplasia

Make sure you’re apprehensive of the common symptoms and signs to watch out for so that you can identify these particular health problems in your Maine Coon beforehand(source).

Minding For A Ragamuffin Vs Maine Coon And Lifespan


Ragamuffins and Maine Coons are generally healthy cat types, but Ragamuffins tend to outlast the Maine Coons. Maine Coons are a hardy, healthy cat strain with a lifetime of 10 to 15 times.

Ragamuffin Cats are a hearty strain that can live up to 18 times but is estimated to live between 12 and 16 times.

  • Minding For A Ragamuffin Vs Maine Coon: There are numerous aspects to consider as far as minding for your spry is concerned.
  • High- Quality Sot Food: Occasional Wet Food (no further than 2-3 times a week) On the other hand, the salutary need for Ragamuffins will depend on their age, coitus, and exertion situations. Talk to your warhorse to see what they can recommend. First off, both Ragamuffins and Maine Coons should be fed with high-quality cat food each day. Before taking your grace from the breeders, make sure you know the food they were used to eating, which can be handy if you plan to give your cat a different diet.
  • Fixing: As for grooming, these two types have long fur that, though resistant to matting and tangling, needs to be prepped and bushed at least 2-3 times a week. Anyhow of the strain, you bring home, you may wish to bathe your nimble as needed, generally formerly per month.
  • Toys: Both Ragamuffins and Maine Coons are sportful, so furnishing your nimble with the plenitude of cat toys is essential. Still, you’ll need to buy a cat tree like this and scratching posts, where the nimble can satisfy their climbing needs, If you’re bringing a Maine Coon home.

Are Ragamuffins And Maine Coons Family Friendly?

With their laidback, calm nature, both Maine Coons and Ragamuffins are suitable for families. Maine Coons and Ragamuffin are extremely friendly, but Maine Coon tends to have further gregarious personalities.

Tortoiseshell Maine Coon kittens

Comparatively, Maine Coons are naturally more confident and gregarious. As similar, they will approach callers and bond with them. On the other hand, Ragamuffins like sitting in the stages of their holder, sleeping hard, or just being in their human presence.

Are Ragamuffins Further Intelligent Than Maine Coons?

Ragamuffin and Maine Coons are both known for being incredibly intelligent. In another world, they have a good character for being trainable and will fluently learn tricks, particularly when trained at a youthful age.

Ragamuffin and Maine Coon Mix

We all know that well-established cat breeders generally only breed thoroughbred cats, primarily because they’ve valued.

Well, while having a thoroughbred cat is a great experience, if you cannot go the original purchase cost and conservation costs, you’ll surely be allowing about Ragamuffin and Maine Coon Mix.

Considering that kitties from these types have the traits listed below, mixing them can potentially give a tender cat with applaudable personality, canine-suchlike disposition of the Maine Coon, and cuddly disposition of the Ragamuffin

  • Intelligent
  • Affectionate
  • Largely Sociable
  • Great Overall Personalities

Thankfully, there are many breeders who offer cross-breed kitties, where the Ragamuffin and Maine Coon Mix price ranges from$ to$. This is because Ragamuffin and Maine Coons are more or less at the same price range.

Still, you can connect with graceful holders who haven’t had their cats fixed, If you’re allowing of getting a Ragamuffin Maine Coon Mix and are on a tight budget.

Some pet holders also give away their Ragamuffin and Maine Coon Mix for free. Still, be careful because these kitties might have inherited heritable health problems.

Ragamuffin Vs Maine Coon Cost

Given all the essential rates and the winning personalities of these two cat types, both Ragamuffins and Maine Coons came with massive price markers.

Purebred Maine Coons are on the advanced end, with their price ranging from$ 800 to overhead of$. Ragamuffins generally bring between$ 600 and$.

The price of the cat or cat will depend on several factors, including.

  • Age
  • Quality
  • The Breeder
  • Geographical Location

Aged cats are significantly cheaper, with Ragamuffin cats aged than two to three times old going anywhere from$ 25 to$ 150.

Are Ragamuffin cats rare?

The Ragamuffin class is a fairly new strain, having been introduced in 2003. With big eyes and thick, soft fleeces, they’re frequently incorrect as Ragdolls. Still, Ragamuffins began from road kitties and are an offshoot of the popular Ragdoll strain.

This strain is unexpectedly low- conservation, despite being long-haired, they’re not prone to matting or cementing. These pussycats are also intelligent and sportful. They’d presumably love the Nina Otto son cat mystification challenges. Noted for their large size, friendly disposition, and strength, they’ll soon be well known, but for now still a veritably uncommon strain!


Comparing the Ragamuffin vs Maine Coon cat types is veritably handy if you’re trying to decide which cat you should bring home. Ragdoll Vs Abyssinian is also one of the other different breeds.

Ragamuffin cats are an offshoot of the Ragdoll strain and are popular for their sweet and tender disposition. They differ in several ways from Maine Coons, including their fleece colors, eyes, size, weight, and history. Still, they also partake parallels similar to their personalities and propensity to health problems.