The Calico Maine Coon Cat

What is a Calico Maine Coon Cat ? Well if you’ve ever seen one then you mechanically understand that it’s easy to fall in love with a Maine Coon’s gorgeous calico coat.

Many of us are hoping to adopt a cat with this stylish and eye-catching coloring. If you and # x27; you are like me in love with this magnificent Maine Coon motif, you and # x27; you are probably as curious as I am to know more about you.

Calico Maine Coon Cat

Whereas Maine Coons are available in a range of patterns, together with tortoiseshell, solid, and tabby, calico Maine Coons are one among the foremost sought-after after.

The basic coat color of a Maine Coon calico is white, with distinctive spots of red and black, though the intensity of those reds and blacks will vary counting on the breeding.

During this article, we are going to look in-depth at calico Maine Coons, together with the biological science behind this pattern.

We’ll additionally discuss some fun facts regarding calico Maine Coons including temperament and rarity, and we’ll also cowl a number of the superstitious notion behind these cats.

What’s A Maine Coon Calico Cat?

The term “calico” originally said a form of textile that concerned woven fabrics of various colors, and also the word eventually evolved to encapsulate this distinctive coat coloration, as well. A Maine Coon cat must have 3 distinct fur colors to think of a calico: white, red, and black. While all the calicos of Maine Coon have three identical colors, the model during which these colors seem exclusive for each Calico cat.

The Maine Coon Calico Pattern

Per the Cat Fanciers Association, eight distinctive Maine Coon calico patterns may be displayed at cat shows.

Table to indicate the eight Maine Coon Calico Patterns:

  • Dense Calico
  • Dilute Calico
  • Dense Shell Calico
  • Dilute Shell Calico
  • Dense Shaded Calico
  • Dilute Shaded Calico
  • Dense Smoke Calico
  • Dilute Smoke Calico

1. Dense Calico

It is the calico pattern among American state Coon cats. The color ranges from 25/75% white and 25/75% red and black. During this model, thick red and black spots are dotted with white. White is typically found on the cat’s stomach, legs and front. In every pattern, the red and black dots are fully solid, with no overlap between the colors. This may even be aforesaid while not restriction. 

2. Diluted Calico 

Maine Coon diluted calico is reminiscent of dense calico except that the red and black are diluted. The diluted sorts of red are referred to as cream and the diluted sorts of black are referred to as blue, though they need a grey appearance. 

3. Dense Shell Calico

The dense shell calico American state Coon incorporates a white base and patches of black, likewise as patches of red in multiple fully completely different shades. On the back, flanks, tail, muzzle, and legs of a dense calico shell, the tip of every hair is black or a shade of red.

4. Dilute Shell Calico 

The Maine Coon Dilute Shell Calico is exactly a sort of dense shell calico, except their black coloring is diluted to blue, and so the reminder red becomes reminder cream.

5. Dense Shaded Calico 

American state Coon with a dense calico gradient pattern includes a white base color with uncleansed black and red spots. In distinction to the standard dense calico, the densely shaded calico conjointly incorporates a shading of black and red that’s the gift on the tail, sides, and face of the cat. Overall, the densely shaded tumblers seem darker than the common tumblers and seashells. 

6. Diluted pale Calico

Diluted pale Calico of Maine Coon is comparable in look to the densely shaded calico, except there’s diluted to a shade of cream and so the black is diluted to a shade of blue.  Even diluted, a toned calico must always seem darker than a regular diluted calico or shell calico. 

7. Dense Smoke Calico

An American state Coon with a dense smoke calico pattern may look like a dense calico at first, however, the ungoverned patches of red and black have a white undercoat.

8.  Dilute Smoke Calico 

This coloring is reminiscent of a thick smoke of calico, apart from the red that seems diluted within the cream then the black is diluted in the blue.

CFA show

The calico patterns listed on top of are completely different sorts of American state Coon calico. All models listed are welcome at any Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) cat show. However, the CFA doesn’t permit banners with genetic abnormalities.

As we’ll see below, this excludes male calyces, as male calyxes will solely exist for a rare genetic defect.

The biology of a Maine Coon calico

The coat of a calico Maine Coon contains the following three colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red

a) Colors


The color white is caused by Associate in Nursing’s absence of pigment, and a cat’s coat will entirely contain the utmost quantity of white as a minimum of 1 amongst its parents.


The color black is caused by a pigment referred to as eumelanin can be acquainted with each parent.


The color red is caused by a pigment celebrated as pheomelanin, and since it’s an organic phenomenon, a cat will solely inherit this pigment from its parent of the identical sex. 

Overall for cats, the color black is usually acquainted with a minimum of one to 1} of a cat’s parents. the color red, on the opposite hand, is expounded to sex.

b) Chromosomes 

Cats have a pair of sex chromosomes, whereas a male cat has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. The X chromosome is that the sole chromosome that influences the coloring of a cat’s fur. Therefore, for a house cat to exist, be got to incline a sex-related red coloring and a black coloring. as a result of calicobeingts are 2575% white, a parent’s coat ought to be at least 25% white. c)

Breeding issue it’s tough for American state Coon breeders to breed calico cats. Maybe it is because, to exist, the previous should have a combination of black, red, and white. Though the right conditions exist, there’s no guarantee that their offspring can inherit all three colors.

Why are most Calico American state Coon cats female?

As a result of a male cat can exclusively receive one sex chromosome, and each X chromosome will solely contain one pigmentation allele, male calicos can only occur through a genetic anomaly that provides them one additional X chromosome.  As a result, the chances of a male calico are 2,999 to 1, creating them very rare.

Female Calico Maine Coon

The temperament of a Maine Coon calico

Many of us believe that calico Maine Coons have additional perspective and temperament than different Maine Coons with totally different patterns and colorations.

This superstition extends to all or a number of the calico and tortoiseshell cats and is often remarked as a “fortress”. Many cat house owners will agree that calico and tortoiseshell cats are more fiery and stubborn. However, this “courage” is also caused by education instead of nature.

Calico and tortoiseshell coats are undeniably beautiful, and as such, these cats tend to hunt adoption abundant quicker than cats with alternate coat colors.

Householders tend to fawn over their calico and tortoiseshell kittens, and these cats get there way more often, leading to a spunky and willful attitude.

Rated Calico American state Coon Cats

One of the foremost far-famed cats Calico American state Coon is termed Dawn reader Lodestar State Carboy. This cat is known as a result of it’s a male and a calico.

Whereas these don’t look like smart reasons Dawn reader rose to fame, these simple factors are additional necessary than you may think.

For starters, the easy chance that a Calico Maine Coon male exists may well be 0.03%! Yes, you almost certainly scanned it correctly. thus with such low odds, it’ safe to say that breeding a Calico Maine Coon male cat isn’t as straightforward as you might be initio assume.

The second reason why Dawn reader is known is that it incorporates an attractive calico coat design. As noted above, the calico pattern is that the results of a genetic defect, thus it’s not allowed to participate in CFA cat shows.

Another American state Coon cat named Stewie has to boot been created famous, apart from really fully totally different reasons to Stewie’ case, he won Guinness Book of Records awards for being the longest cat! If you’re undecided 987

Calico Maine Coon mix pure-bred Maine Coons aren’t the sole cats to own the calico pattern. If your Maine Coon may be a mixed breed, it’ll still be a turtle shell! A tortoiseshell-cat isn’t inherently a American state Coon, and vice versa.

Are Calico Maine Coons Rare?

Whereas calico coloring is remarkably fashionable cat owners, it’s troublesome to replicate, creating it a rare coat pattern among Maine Coons. As a results of calico Maine Coons are therefore very wished after, they’re typically snatched up quickly and have a bent to be dearer than different coat patterns.

Is Calico Maine Coon Cats transportation you Lucky?

Totally different colors of cats are shrouded in history and mystery.

For example, black cats are believed to bring smart luck in some cultures, whereas others believe they create good luck.

In some cultures and regions, calico cats are thought of lucky, particularly in Japan! the lovable lucky cat, Manikin Niko, is invariably delineated  as a calico. Within the United States, calico cats are believed to bring good luck and are usually remarked as “silver cats”.

Whereas there’s little or no proof to counsel that calico cats very bring good luck, it’s a fun and harmless superstition. Once that’ all, most house owners of a American state Coon calico agree that their cat only brings them joy!

Different tortoiseshell Breeds

American state Coons isn’t the only real cats which are able to be calicos!

Here may well be an inventory of another cat breeds which will even have calico coloration:

• British Shorthair

• Manx

• Japanese Bobtail

• yank Shorthair

• Exotic Shorthair

• Persian

• Siberian

• Turkish Van

• Turkish Angora

• Arabian Mau

• Norwegian Forest Cat


Finding a calico Maine Coon cat might even be difficult, however that attractive tricolor coat is well worth a search. Because of the sophisticated bioscience behind the tricolor coat, calico American state Coons are rare, which they’re very asked for by many cat lovers. However, any owner of a Maine Coon calico will agree that these stunning and daring felines howl to compete.