The Ginger Maine Coon – Everything You Want To Know

Ginger Maine Coon

The ginger Maine Coon is referred to orange but this coat color officially known as red. Red Maine Coon is one of the most impressive coat colors to grace the brilliant Maine Coon cat.

There are different variation of pattern and color are available but Red Maine Coon color is the one of graceful and beautiful color.

Ginger Maine Coon Coat Variations

The color is indeed more orange or ginger than red, but the proper color is still called Red Tabby. There are 5 ginger Maine Coon colors:

  • Solid Red: This color variation look like all one shade of red. There are very slight variations in color on close view and mark ‘M’ on the forehead also show.
  • Red Classic Tabby: The red classic tabby has noticeably lighter large red stripes on its body and rings on its legs and tails.
  • Red Smoke: The red smoke color look very pretty and this coat are one color at the trips but the roots of each stared of fur are lighter. When a Solid Red cat has a white undercoat that you can only see when you ruffle the fur, it will be a Red Smoke.
  • Red Ticked Tabby: The red ticked tabby color gives the grace look of ticks all over the body with no spots.
  • Red Mackerel Tabby: The mackerel pattern is a more distinctive narrow striped pattern on the legs, body, and tail.

The ginger coat look as pretty as to see close inspection. When you look closely at a solid red Maine Coon you will notice some hairs are a little lighter than others giving a faint striped effect.

A male cat will have a Y chromosome, with no color tied to it. Then he has an X, which if it’s red, creates a handsome Red Maine Coon Cat.

The reason for the varying tones and patterns of red fur is down to the quantum of red color the cat has. The further they retain and the more unevenly it’s distributed, the further solid red the cat’s fleece appears. This is all linked to genetics which not only control fleece colors but also control shade and fleece patterns.

Are All Ginger Maine Coon Cats Male?

Not all red Maine Coons are manly but a red cat is more likely to be manly than womanish because of fleece color genetics. In order for a female Maine Coon to be ginger, she needs to inherit two red genes  one from her mama (who has to have one red gene) and one from her father (who has to be red).

 For a manly Maine Coon to be red he needs to inherit only one ginger gene, which he gets from his mama (who must have one ginger gene).

 This is because the gene for gusto fur is plant on the X chromosome, and like us, womanish pussycats have two X chromosomes and males have one X and one Y chromosome.

 If you search this subject you’ll notice a range of chances for red Maine Coons being male or female from 1 in 3 to 1 in 5. They cannot each be right.

There’s no comprehensive study from a dependable source that I can find to confirm any of these numbers categorically but one thing is fairly egregious – the chances of a red Maine Coon be a joker are advanced than those of it being a female.

Are Ginger Maine Coon Cats Rare or Common?

Red, orange, or ginger Maine Coons, whatever you prefer to call them, are fairly common with the exception of the solid fleece which is rare to find. If you join any Maine Coon proprietor’s social media group you’ll see photos of their plenitude of them.

It’s insolvable to say what chance of Maine Coons are ginger and enough sure no bone has carried out a check on this subject.

But if ginger is your favored Maine Coon color you shouldn’t find it too delicate to find one. Communicate the plenitude of estimable breeders to register your interest and ask them to let you know when any ginger tabby are born.

Nose Leather and Paw Pad color

Red Maine Coon

When talking about a cat’s nose, professionals relate to the color as the color of its nose leather. Some possessors endearingly relate to a cat’s paw pads as its toe sap because of their shape.

 On red Maine Coons the nose leather and paw pads are also appertained to as red in color – but really, on close examination, both are dark pink.

Color of eyes

The ginger Maine Coon eyes can be shades in different colors like as amber, green, gold, copper or yellow.

Is There a Link Between The Ginger Maine Coon Coat and Personality?

I speak from experience when I suggest there may be such a thing as a mischievous ginger gene! We’ve possessed a red tabby Maine Coon for 14 times and he does feel to get up to a lot of mischief – important further than his white family.

 Red Maine Coons can be contentious, are surely confident and friendly, are high- energy, and veritably oral. It’s allowed that color and genetics may be linked so it could well be that different multicolored pussycats have different personality types. A cat’s disposition is generally inherited from its parents, anyhow of color.


Ginger Maine Coons, Red Maine Coons, orange Maine Coons, whatever you prefer to call this color are fabulous pussycats and are a pleasure to enjoy. The inheritable odds say you’re more likely to get a boy than a girl. Either way, you should end up with a chatty and amusing cat.