How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Maine Coon

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Maine Coon

There are a number of people who question me if their cat is part Maine Coon, or not. how to tell if your cat is part Maine Coon? Whilst I’d love to tell you for certain either way, the simple fact of the matter is that no one can.

So, with outsize degrees of query in the matter, how can holders or implicit buyers ever judge if the cat they’re looking at is a part Maine Coon, or Maine Coon mix?

Thankfully, there are many tell-tale signs to look out for. Part Maine Coons come in all shapes and sizes. Their physical and behavioral traits are determined by which gene is most dominant, in their inheritable makeup.

Dissect the cat’s size, eyes, tail, fur, paws, personality, body frame, and observance drifts, for suggestions, the cat is a Maine Coon blend. Inheritable testing is the only full-evidence system of relating if you enjoy a mixed Maine Coon, or not.

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon? Or How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Maine Coon?

By the following characteristics of your cat, you can check is cat part Maine Coon or not:

Observe Your Cat’s Facial Profile.

Another system to check if your cat is part of Maine Coon is to check her facial profile. It should be commensurate to the length of the head and nose.

It should be free of bumps, smooth, and has a slight dint. Maine Coons generally don’t have a profile that’s straight from the brow line to the tip of the nose.

Look At Your Cat’s Ears.

To check if your cat is part Maine Coon or purebred, look at her ears nearly. Utmost Maine Coons have ear drifts or lynx tips analogous to the wisps and drifts of a Lynx.

They also have hair coming out of their cognizance as a way to cover themselves from harsh and cold climates. Also, their cognizance is altitudinous rather than wide and the range of the base of their heed is nearly the same as the distance between the cognizances.

Love Water

Maine Coon house cats do not just LIKE’ water, they actually ‘LOVE’ water. Their preoccupation for the watery stuff has gauged multiple decades and is allowed to have its routes in this breed’s breeding since one of the well-known myths suggests that the Maine Coons ancestors were boat house cats, kept aboard Viking vessels to hunt and kill the ever-growing mouse population on their keels.

Whilst utmost pussycats dislike water, the Maine Coon seems fascinated by it. So don’t be surprised if your cat tries to join you in the shower one day, or learns how to turn on the gate to drink water! This cat strain can spend riotous quantities of time splashing in the water,

So if you leave a coliseum of water out for them to drink, anticipate wet bases when you coming walk in the room.

Check Your Cat’s Eyes

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon

One way to know if your cat is part of Maine Coon is by looking at her eyes. Maine Coons have large, suggestive, and wide-set eyes that are slightly oblique-structured and slant at the external base of each observance.

Cats of this strain are born with blue eyes but this will change as they progress. This strain’s usual eye color is gold and/ or green, still, white Maine Coons are either blue-eyed or odd-eyed which means that one eye is blue while the other is either green or gold.

Check Your Cat’s Head Shape.

Purebred Maine Coons have heads that are of medium-range and slightly longer than wide. They also have prominent high cheekbones.

Also, make sure to check the nib since Maine Coons have a square-structured nib and a blunt end. Its length and range are commensurate to the rest of the head part.

Check Your Cat’s Fur

Maine Coons have long, thick, and shaggy fur. The strain has three furs of fur, two of which are shorter leathers, and the third is longer and it’s on top of the two types of leather.

Crossbreds have semi-water repellent fur which explains why they aren’t bothered or indeed like water.

Look At Her Paws And Legs.

Maine Coons have sturdy legs, medium in length, and wide-set. The legs are straight and the reverse legs are straight when viewed on the hinder side. It’s in proportion to the rest of the body. Hybrids have large paws with drifts of hair coming out of them.

Observe Your Cat’s Size

The Maine Coon breed is larger compared to the average cat and is considered one of the largest tamed cat types. This is considered one of the strain’s most distinct features.

Males generally measure from 10 to 16 elevation while ladies are around eight to 14 elevation in height. Males weigh around 15 to 25 lbs while ladies are around eight to 12 lbs. Both males and ladies can reach up to 40 elevations in length.

Check Your Cat’s Tail

Does your cat have a slightly long and bushy tail? Also, she may be part of Maine Coon! Crossbreds have long bushy tails that are large at the base and narrow down at the tip. Since this strain evolved to survive the cool climate of Maine, the USA, its place of origin, the tail keeps it warm especially when wrapped around the body. Interestingly, a Maine Coon’s tail resembles a raccoon’s tail leading some people to believe that it’s part-raccoon.

Purebred Maine Coons grow at a gradational phase and they only reach their full growth eventuality when they’re around three to five times. Then are the unique character traits of this strain

  • They are tender and loving favas
  • They love to follow their holders around the house
  • They love the water
  • They house cats are intelligent
  • They generally pip and quaver rather of meowing
  • They are canine-suchlike pussycats because they’re largely trainable, pious, communicate and interact with their holders, sociable, and may be taken on a walk using a leash.

Look At Her Body Frame

One way to know if your cat is part of Maine Coon is by looking at her body frame and shape. Crossbreds have satiny, blockish, and muscular frames.

They’ve long bodies, a medium-range neck, and a muscular, broad casket. Their bodies are medium to large and ladies are lower than males.

About More Information For Maine Coons

Maine Coons are considered thoroughbred house cats but it was not until 1976 that it was awarded its thoroughbred status by the Cat Fanciers Association or CFA. To be honored as a thoroughbred cat, a Maine Coon’s ancestors should also be Maine Coons, and both parents were officially registered Maine Coons.

Breeders of thoroughbred Maine Coons register the cats to prove their status along with enrollment paperwork for both parents and gibes. If you acquired your cat through a breeder this is generally the case.


Still, you may seek the help of cat authorities or you may also confirm your hunch by checking and comparing the distinctive features and character traits of your cat to that of a thoroughbred Maine Coon as bandied over, If you have a recently- espoused cat and you suspect that she’s part Maine Coon. These gentle titans make great family favas and they’re good companions that are sure to bring joy to your life.

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