Will Maine Coons Be White?

White Maine Coon Cat

A Maine Coon cat is white however in reality, white isn’t its true color. A white Maine Coon solely develops white fur as a result of a masking factor in its genetic coding masks the color nature meant it to be.

If you’re currently questioning if it’s attainable to see a white Pine Tree State Coon’s hidden color, it isn’t. Siblings will shed some lightweight on the mystery.

 Any that are non-white can offer a plan of what a white Maine Coon’s secret hidden color is.

If a white feminine is bred, any kittens she bears might shed some light on her color mystery unless of course, they’re all pure white.

However rare are white Maine Coon cats?

It’s truthful to say solid white Pine Tree State Coons are relatively rare. Mix Maine Coons like all colors, white biological science are complicated and a minimum of one parent should have white fur to convey an opportunity of white Maine Coon kittens being born.

Often, a white Maine Coon contains a bit of shading or a touch of another color somewhere in their coat. The bulk of Maine Coons, like their early ancestors, have tabby coats.

This suggests all solid color Maine Coons are rare to some extent. Most of them have some shading or pattern if you look closely.

Several Pine Tree State Coons have some white fur somewhere and every one smoke Maine Coons have hidden white roots.

There’s no means of claiming specifically however rare white Maine Coons are as a result of nobody has ever collated such information.

However attempting to supply one typically entails connection a protracted roster that may be a truthful indication of how rare white Maine Coons very are.

If you’ve got your heart attack a white Maine Coon, your best probability is to socialize on-line with countless honored breeders and raise to be side to their waiting list, stating you’re curious about knowing once associate degree white Pine Tree State Coon kittens are born.

A Maine Coon cat is white tho’ technically white isn’t a color: it’s truly an absence of color.

A white cat carries a dominant white factor (referred to because the W gene) that utterly masks any colors that may are programmed into its genetics.

So as for a Maine Coon kitten to develop a white coat, a minimum of one among its folks should be white.

Are White Pine Tree State Coons Deaf?

Contrary to widespread belief, white Maine Coon cats aren’t deaf. However, white cat hearing impairment may be a inborn condition and may be pigment-related. Affected cats typically have white or chiefly white coats.

Several white Maine Coons have good hearing and it’s not possible to predict the probabilities of a white Maine Coon being deaf or to relate deafness with a particular coat or eye color as there aren’t any clear scientific results available.

If you’ve got a white cat and suspect it’s a hearing problem, take it to your vet for a hearing check.

What quantity may be a white Pine Tree State Coon?

The worth you get hold of a white Maine Coon can vary from stock breeder to breeder. At the moment, a Maine Coon kitten typically prices within the region of $800 to $2000.

A breeder is kind of possible to charge $2000 for a white Maine Coon kitten, particularly if they need a protracted roster for this color. In some instances, they’ll even arouse loads more.

We have a tendency to be lucky after we bought our white Pine Tree State Coon, Charlie, and his red tabby brother, Harry. The stock breeder charged US her usual worth for each therefore we have a tendency to do pay over the highest.

White Maine Coons aren’t unusual person

Tho’ it’s often assumed that white Maine Coons are all albino cats, this is often not the case.

Tho’ it is often assumed that white Maine Coons are all albino cats, this is not the case.

Associate degree albino Maine Coon contains a total absence of pigment in its skin, hair, and eyes. For a kitten to possess albinism, both its mother associate degreed father should carry the factor for albinism.

Unusual person Pine Tree State Coons have terribly pale blue eyes that just about look pinkish. There’s after all no color pigment in an albino cat’s eyes – the blue/pink impact may be a results of blood vessels within the eye being visible through a colorless iris.

White Maine Coon


Our white Maine Coon Charlie was an introvert, to start with. This personality attribute is commonly called neurotic. He was shy, anxious, and nervous. He would run and conceal once strangers entered our home.

We have a tendency to allow him to cover and provided lots of safe places wherever he may do this. We have a tendency to ne’er forced him to face a state of affairs that afraid him.

Over time he grew additional assured and have become a completely lovable lap cat.

A white Pine Tree State Coon will have any personality. Loads depends on however it’s socialized as a kitten therefore it pays to seem closely at how your chosen stock breeder cares for his or her kittens.


A Maine Coon with a white coat can have the subsequent eye colors during a style of shades: blue, green, amber, gold, copper, and orange.

Solely a solid white Pine Tree State Coon or one with some white in its coat can have blue eyes or typically only 1 blue eye.

A cat with 2 completely different colored eyes (odd eyes) has hetero chromic, a harmless genetic condition that ends up in one eye being pigmented with color while the opposite has no color so seems blue.

All Pine Tree State Coon kittens are born with blue eyes and that they amend color at concerning seven weeks of age.

In some kittens with solid white or some white fur, a genetic anomaly will occur whereby animal pigment doesn’t develop in one among their eyes, deed it colorless and blue.

Their alternative eye develops one of the standard cat eyes colors, which means the kitten has odd eyes.

Noses and Paw Pads

The nose and paw pads of white Maine Coon cats are forever a shade of pink. You’ll usually hear this noted as nose animal skin and paw leather color.

If it’s an unusual person white Pine Tree State Coon, the shade of pink is pale – nearly anemic looking.


White cats have pale skin and are additionally liable to sunburn and developing skin cancer, particularly on their ears, nose, lips, and eyelids.

There are sun creams on the market to spice up protection – raise your vet concerning these. Don’t use your sun lotion because it contains ingredients that may hurt a cat if ingested, and your white Pine Tree State Coon is sure to plan to lick it off.

House owners ought to guarantee white cats don’t derive pleasure from the sun all day long – {this is| this is often| this will be} quite troublesome because it is one among their favorite summer pastimes.

Do White Maine Coons Get Dirtier Than alternative Colors?

They don’t get dirtier than other cats however white Maine Coons can seem that way. White is that the good color to form any quantity of dirt very noticeable.

If you let any white cat go outdoors, there’s an awfully good chance that it’ll not look quite thus white once it comes back indoors.

A white cat could show noticeable staining around its eyes from time to time. This will be removed by gently wiping from the corner outward with a soft damp cloth.

There are manifold ideal cat cleansing wipes on the market. We tend to use Poi’s Grooming Wipes as they’re hypoallergenic, Earth-friendly, and handily available on Amazon. Here’s a link to examine this price.

Of course, something that gets caught in an exceedingly white coat will stand out a mile. Sticky seeds and grass seeds are a specific downside as they will result in matted fur. Groom these out as shortly as you see them.

If you’re fussy concerning your cat wanting clean and shall bathe it, I like to recommend that you simply get the picture accustomed to being submerged in water at a young age.

Forever ensure the water is warm, and not hot, and solely use a decent quality cat shampoo.


White Pine Tree State Coons do exist and are a touch rarer than alternative Maine Coons. They’ll show up the dirt a touch quite alternative Pine Tree State Coons however this can be not a large problem. Contrary to fashionable belief, white Maine Coon cats don’t seem to be all unusual people and are not all deaf. Often they need odd eyes but this is an adorable feature and not a symptom of a watch condition

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