Maine Coon Sphynx Mix – Complete Guide

Maine Coon Sphynx mix is a unique pair of two equal popular cat breeds. Which have a combination of unique and interactive qualities. Both have amiable and affectionate personalities.

Would you like cats which have affectionate and tender personality? If yes, then select Maine Coon Sphynx mix. It may be a best choice. Many people find this type of pair. The mix of Maine Coon Sphynx are guarantees that you will have a loveable and sociable breeds without too much cats around your home.

Maine Coon Sphnx Mix

Maine coon and sphinx are different according to their physical look but they are closely similar when you talk about its personality and temperament.

Physical Traits and Personality of Maine Coon Sphynx

Maine Coon Sphynx have lovely fluffy short hair. The mix of Maine Coon Sphynx has wrinkly look which is one of the trademarks that belong to Sphynx breed. They also has a medium build, and its face looks more like that of a Sphynx cat than a Maine Coon, which has long, pointed ears and huge eyes.

Here are a list of some personality and physical traits of Maine Coon and Sphynx breed

Physical Traits of Maine Coon Breed

As you know Maine Coon cats are referred to as gentle gaits. Their fur are strong withstand harsh and chilly weather. Maine coon cat breed may carry the gene for extra toes and have no aggressive. This breed tend to be certain vocalizations like the chirp, trill and chatter. Maine Coon cat breed popular as domestic large cat breed in the world.

  • Weighs of this breed is about 12 to 19 pounds 
  • Also lifespan almost 8 to 14  years 
  • tall ears and have large head
  • broad chest 
  • medium to large size with males larger than the females
  • have long and rectangular body 
  • thick legs 
  • heavily-boned and muscular 
  • Maine Coon has with a shaggy, fluffy coat and long-haired
  • This breed have different eye colors like as green, gold, copper or odd-eyed 
  • While coat colors also find different colors like as Blue, blace, white, red cream, silver, brown, blue-cream, golden, tortoiseshell
  • coat patterns may be a solid color, smoke, shaded, tortoiseshell, bicolor, tabby,

 tricolor/ calico.

Physical Traits of Sphynx Breed

Sphynx cat breeds are belong to Canada. They look hairless and have no hypoallergenic. As this cat breed have no hair. So they are very sensitive. They are prone to skin problems and sunburn. Sphynx have very fast metabolism so they eat a lot. This breed are popular aroind the world.

  • Weighs of this cat breed around 12 pounds 
  • lifespan almost 7 to 15 years
  • This breed has triangular head 
  • has wide-set eyes
  • medium-sized cat
  • has wrinkled skin
  • has large eyes 
  • sleek and muscular body
  • has prominent cheekbones 
  • has extra-short hair or nearly hairless 
  • large and triangle-shaped ears like that of bats 
  • Almost they found every color but common color coat may be white, cream, black, red, blue, silver, cameo, golden, blue-cream, tortoiseshell and brown 
  • coat patterns may be a solid color, tortoiseshell, tricolor/calico, shaded, tabby, ticking, smoke, bicolor

Personality of Maine Coon Cat Breed

As you know Maine Coon Sphynx mix is a combination of both breed. Its because both have similar and temperament personality.

Maine Coon

So everyone who love this breeds want to know more and more about their personalities. Maine coon have loveable and affectionate personality.

  • intelligent
  • curious 
  • adaptable 
  • resilient 
  • energetic
  • sociable
  • gentle 
  • sweet-tempered
  • affectionate 
  • playful 
  • family and pet-friendly 
  • loves the water
  • very vocal and chirp, trill or chatter

Personality of Sphynx Breed

Sphynx cat breeds are very social. They dislike live alone and want to get more attention. They recognize their favorite humans but they also love to socialize with their own space.


Sphynx have a playmate, a groomer, and a cuddle buddy while you are away. This cat breed also very intelligent and sociable cat in the world. Sphynx is very friendly cat for your home.

  • This breed is very friendly 
  • Very loving 
  • Very loyal 
  • Also sociable 
  • curious
  • very intelligent
  • too much energetic 
  • Sphynx loves to show off for attention 
  • likes to bathe in warm water 
  • likes to greet her owner at the door
  • vocal and has a raspy voice   
  • Sphynx has a sense of humor despite the dour expression
  • Sphynx gets along well with children and other pets 

All the personality traits are describe in the above. So you can understand the Maine Coon Sphynx mix has a social, friendly and affectionate personality like her parents.

While genetics may play very important role in making personality traits. Personality impact throughout its life by factor as socialization and environment.

Can Sphynx Cat breeds Get Along With Other Cats?

Many people want to know that Do Sphynx cats get along with other cats. Yes, Sphynx breed get along with other cats. This type of breed are being affectionate toward humans and will warm up to new cats in no time.

If you want to bring a new Sphynx cats for your home so should research to see if you are making the best possible decision.

A Bonded pair of Sphynx Breed

If you decide the multiple cats with no risk then bonded pair is only way to go. Because a bonded pair refers to two cats that cannot be separated. The pair emotionally attached to each other and they will happy. While separation can cause the depression and anxiety in single cat.

Siblings are a common source of bonded pairings. One of a Sphynx kitten’s brothers or sisters will always be its dearest companion. They will be at the same life stage at the same time so sibling bonded pairs are best choice to develop together.

What To Do If My Cats Don’t Get Along

if your Sphynx cat don’t get along so you should solve this issues, it’s important to figure out why they are not getting along. You should resolve the issue before it escalates.  You should not discourage if your cats are brawling because it’s possible to turn foes into friends.

Here are some tips that help to your cat get along

Don’t Allow Your Cats Fight Each Other

Your cats will only get more apart from one another if they fight. If you observe a conflict, use a spray bottle or some hand clapping to break it up.

Provide Separate Areas For Your Cats

Giving each cat their own facilities is a smart idea because cats fight over territory. They won’t have to continuously be on alert if they don’t have to share a litter box and a feeding dish.

Keep your cats to a routine.

A timetable may be quite helpful if stress is a problem. Changing things upsets cats. Your cats will be more at ease if you maintain consistent routines.

Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate?

Sphynx cat breeds are very affectionate. This cat breeds are adore curling up in your lap, snuggling beneath a warn comforter. 

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