What Is The Best Maine Coon Harness? Complete Guide

Are you considering walk your cat on the road? Or, do you just want to give your cat more activity or a chance to travel rather than being home all day?

Then a harness is unquestionably necessary. Which Maine Coon harness, though, is best for your Maine Coon? Since Maine Coon cats are so large, you obviously don’t want to damage them.

Maine Coon Harness

There is a range of fantastic Maine Coon harnesses, but the Kitty Holster Cat Harness could be the greatest of them all. You must ensure that it is the appropriate size for your Maine Coon cat. If not, your cat will be able to escape, which might lead to major problems.

Additionally, you need to confirm that the harness is cosy for your Maine Coon, which the Kitty Holster Cat Harness unquestionably is. If a harness is uncomfortable, it will be difficult to train your Maine Coon to become accustomed to it and the leash.

There are a few things you should be aware of before taking your Maine Coon outside before we discuss the finest harnesses. Here is all the information about Maine Coon harness keep reading this to know everything.

Why Walking is Best for Your Maine Coon

It’s not even necessary to walk your cat. Simply allowing your Maine Coon cat to explore your garden or go on trips with you will be such a wonderful experience for an inside cat. The majority of indoor cats simply do not receive enough exercise, which results in laziness and frequently leads to psychological issues like as aggression.

It’s great that your Maine Coon walk and you should also avoid by enough possibilities to give your Maine Coon exercise. Its look like simple exercise but it’s a mental exercise. Your cat can fresh in that way and stay happy instead of laziness.

In home your Maine coon look everything when you bring anything new into your home.    However, other than that, seeing the same things every day might be like boring things.

The best way is to play with your cat frequently, buy a second cat (which you should have anyhow), or take your cat outside with you. That way is best for your Maine Coon.

Your Maine Coon cat’s intellect will be stimulated by all the scents and sights outside, which will ultimately make your Maine Coon happy. Consider how many trees your Maine Coon can climb, how much grass it can eat, how many birds it can watch, and so much more.

Why A Harness is Preferable Instead Collar

The best walking aid for your Maine Coon is a harness. Do not wear a collar, please. Your Maine Coon could feel a little uneasy when you take it outside, especially at first. If anything unexpected happens, your Maine Coon might become quite agitated and attempt to break free from the leash.

It can hurt your Maine Coon a lot if you use collar because Maine Coons are very pretty and sensitive. They don’t have enough energy to hurt themselves. In this way they don’t happy.

In different cases, harness is best and Maine Coon feel comfortable. They get used to it pretty quickly and easy.

How to Train Your Maine Coon Cat to Walk on Leash

Although Maine Coons tend to be kind and relaxed, many of them can be a little reserved around unfamiliar people or animals. Most of them require a little more time to come to terms with the new circumstance.

They are the ideal kind of cat to train to walk on a leash, though, due to their laid-back nature.

You can read my whole advice on how to teach your Maine Coon to walk on a leash in simple stages here. The instruction manual will detail precisely what you must do to encourage your Maine Coon to feel at ease outside and how to get it to follow you.

Maine Coon Harness

While your Maine Coon may be able to wriggle out of many harnesses, the Kitty Holster Cat Harness is secure as long as you pick the appropriate size.

You could worry that your cat could get out of the harness because it simply has a Velcro clasp, but if it’s fastened correctly, your Maine Coon cat won’t be able to do so.

Maine Coon Harness

The size M/L is suggested for the majority of Maine Coon cats, but you must take your own measurements to ensure that it will suit your Maine Coon because it varies on the Maine Coon’s age and gender. This harness’s wonderful feature is its size, which lowers the possibility of harming your cat and makes it quite comfortable.

This is especially advantageous if your cat becomes frightened outside and tries to flee. In addition, this harness is available in a variety of sizes and hues.

The Alternative Voyager Soft Harness for Your Pets

This harness is really nicely constructed. It is rather comfortable because to the generous padding, especially at the chest, and is thus much simpler to put on your Maine Coon. In addition, your cat has a very difficult time escaping.

This harness is very simple to put on because the bucket and the Velcro closing are at the rear. Depending on your Maine Coon cat’s size, you should definitely choose a size S or M if you wish to purchase this harness for them. See here for the ideal size for your cat.

This harness is reasonably priced and has received several, and I mean different, glowing customer evaluations.

The basic line is that it has excellent cushioning, is quite comfy, is difficult to elude, and is reasonably priced.

What Type of Leash You Should Use?

Even if it works, a bungee leash is still not ideal for walking a cat. I advise purchasing this retractable dog leash. High-quality leash that also includes a foldable water dish.

A leash that is 16 inches long is ideal for cats since they require some room to investigate their surroundings. Most of the time, a cat is more difficult to walk than a dog since they constantly sniff, want to climb trees, and other things.

With a short leash, this would not be possible. A leash like that also aids in teaching your cat to follow you.

Are you Still Face the Problem Putting the Harness?

Not all cats will readily adapt to the harness. It just depends on how temperamental your Maine Coon cat is.

As I previously mentioned, Maine Coon cats are generally relaxed, therefore the majority of their owners won’t experience any issues with this. However, if your Maine Coon cat refuses to wear the harness at all, here is my expert tip:

In addition to providing rewards anytime you place the harness close to your Maine Coon, you ought to catnip-rubbed the harness. Most cats become quite at ease when they smell catnip, so I don’t believe I need to mention that.

So applying catnip to the harness might work wonders for you. Be patient; your Maine Coon will ultimately accept the harness and even get joyful whenever you remove the harness because it means it can go outside.


The Maine Coon Holster Cat Harness is undoubtedly a fantastic option if you’re searching for a quality harness for your Maine Coon cat. It is simple to put on, incredibly comfy for your cat, and reasonably priced.

The harness will prevent your Maine Coon from slipping out in addition. The Voyager Soft Harness would be a less expensive option.

This is also a fantastic, high-quality item, but I like the Maine Coon Cat Harness since it is bigger and the majority of Maine Coon cats rapidly get acclimated to it.


Can Maine Coons Be Harness Trained?

Yes, Maine Coons can be harness trained. With patience and positive reinforcement, these intelligent and adaptable cats can learn to walk on a harness, allowing for safe outdoor exploration and exercise. Early training is recommended for the best results.

Is It Too Late To Harness Train My Cat?

It’s never too late to harness train your cat. While younger cats may adapt more quickly, older cats can still learn with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Start slowly, allowing your cat to become comfortable with the harness and leash.

Should I Take My Indoor Cat Outside On a Harness?

Taking your indoor cat outside on a harness can be beneficial, offering mental stimulation and physical exercise. However, ensure your cat is comfortable and well-trained with the harness, and always supervise closely to prevent any potential dangers or stress.

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